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One World Religion and World Peace

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One World Religion and World Peace: https://youtu.be/Cio9j7WuQ5o

Leeland Jones video posted on Sep 3, 2020, Transcribed: 

We are witnessing unprecedented One World Religion ‘Structures’, Declarations of World Peace.   Things taking place that have NEVER taken place before! Now we know that in the Last Days there will be a One World Religion.   There will be a Peace Deal, a Covenant with MANY:

And it’s important for people to acclimate themselves with the ‘Labels’ of this:  The Deal of the Century; The Peace Deal by the Trump Administration; The Abrahamic Faiths Initiative, and the Abraham Accord; The Human Fraternity for World Peace; and the International Religious Freedom by the State Department of the United States.

It’s important for people to understand all of these important Details, because they are All ONE Cohesive Unit.

Now, this begins when we follow and monitor the activities of these two men.   If we follow what Pope Francis is doing; if we follow his trips in the Middle East; and if we follow Donald Trump.  If we follow the President of the United States in his trip in the Middle East, and his actions over the course of the years are clearly showing us, that the Prophesied things in the Scriptures are taking place.

Here you have Donald Trump meeting with Pope Francis, shaking hands, giving us this attention to understand the fact that: these two men will be Leading in the Area of World Religion, and World Peace.

Now, Donald Trump’s trip began in, into the Middle East, in Saudi Arabia.  And in Saudi Arabia, Donald Trump visited here, along with numerous Arab States, and you have this IMAGE laying hands on a Glowing Globe, giving us this ‘Symbolism’ of the World, of RULERSHIP OVER THE WORLD!

Now it was at this time that Donald Trump announced the Consortium, the Unity of Arab States.  Here you see it expressed by all the Flags of the Arab States coming Together in UNITY.   And it was in THIS trip that Donald Trump made this Arms Deal with Saudai Arabia.

So, this is the Beginnings of Armageddon, because Saudai Arabia and the United States have a ‘common’ enemy in Iran.  And Saudai Arabia makes this Deal with the United States, and it was at this meeting that they were dancing with swords and drums of musick.   These are the Drums of WAR, NOT PEACE!  So, that’s Donald Trump’s 1st trip to the Middle East, to Saudai Arabia.

His 2nd trip was to Jerusalem.  And here you see him visiting the Church of the Holy Sepluchre, in Jerusalem, and meeting with the Orthodox and other Religious Denominations of Christianity.  So, he comes to visit the Church of the Holy Sepluchre, to bring together all of the Christian denominations.

And, he visits here in Jerusalem to also visit, of course, the Western Wall.  And, it’s at the Western Wall when Trump visits is the ‘Expression of the Unity’ with Judaism: with the Rabbis; with the State of Israel.  And of course, when you do this as a dignitary, the place you must visit is the Western Wall.

You must go there, you must put a Prayer on a piece of paper, and put it in the Western Wall.  And here Donald Trump is visiting the Western Wall, but when we have this ‘person’ on the Scene, they do NOT regard the gods of these Religions.  Donald Trump could care less about anybody’s god.  You can see that clearly in the stoic response to the Western Wall, that you see here.

{Daniel 11:36 And the king shall do according to his will; and he shall exalt himself, and magnify himself above every god, and shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, and shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished: for that that is determined shall be done. 37 Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all. 38 But in his estate shall he honour the god of forces {fortresses}: and a god whom his fathers knew not shall he honour with gold, and silver, and with precious stones, and pleasant things.}

There’s very little response, virtually no emotion, he could care less about the different gods of the Religions. But, it is necessary to bring about these different Religions in the Abrahamic Faith Initative. That means that under Abraham, you have the Religions of: JUDAISM, CHRISTIANITY, & ISLAM, all stemming to Abraham.

So, that is the Abraham Initiative.  Let’s remember that this activity here in Jerusalem, is like Jerusalem.  Jerusalem has in it: quarters for Christianity; quarters for Muslims; and quarters for Jews.  There’s quarters in the Old City of Jerusalem.  So, Jerusalem is the Pattern of this Leadership.  It is the Seat of this Leadership.

Then, Donald Trump he goes and he visits the Vatican.  And when he visits the Vatican, pay close attention to what Pope Francis presents to Trump. {6:30- 7:41 min mark}  He presents to him a medallion of sorts, by an artist, which you see. {To hear what was said, Please watch the video.  Here are a  couple of things mentioned: “Olive Tree Symbol of Peace.” “Division of War in the Middle.” Bringing 2 Branches together in Peace.”  “This is the Message of Peace.”}

{back to Leeland} The Olive Tree as a Symbol of WORLD PEACE!  Later, we’re going to look at the Abrahamic Faith Initiative and their Symbol of the Olive Branch as well!  But let’s go to Pope Francis’s, his 2019 trip to Abu Dhabi, in the UAE.

{8 min mark, February 2019, News Broadcast}  ‘Pope Francis has arrived in the United Arab Emirates {UAE}.  It is the first time that a Pope has ever visited the Muslim Majority Kingdom.   Guards on horseback escorted Francis to the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi’s Palace, while military aircraft flew over trailing yellow and white smoke, the colors of the Holy See flag.

During his 2 day visit, the Pope is due to meet leading Muslim Clerics, and hold an open air mass.  Now, this historical Papal trip is aimed at turning a page in Christian/Muslim relations in the Region, have a look:”

“During the Pope’s HISTORIC trip, he’s the 1st Pontiff to the UAE for the Human Fraternity Meeting, a document on Human Fraternity was drafted, along with the Sunni Ahmed al-Tayeb.  The 5 page document is broken down in various parts, touching on some of the Plagues of the current time, and what Unites Humanity.

While Islam and Catholicism present a different belief in God, as Allah or as Jesus Christ, the Document mentions the importance of this belief, saying, The first and most important aim of religion is to believe in God, to honor him and invite all men and women to believe that this Universe depends on a God who governs it.

Founded on the common belief in God, the Document asks that ALL Religions to stop using God’s name to justify: Murder, Exile, Terrorism, and Oppression.  This Document emphasizes the importance of the role of religions in the construction of World Peace.  Peace and Harmony are virtues Pope Francis has spoken about, since the beginning of his pontificate.”

{Pope speaking} “It is my hope that in the Religious Economic Cooperation, will demonstrate that men and women do not have to forsake their identity, whether ethnic or religious, in order to live in harmony with their brothers and sisters.’

{News commentator} “The Declaration claims it is a sign of closeness between East and West, North and South, and between all who believe that God created them; to understand one another and live as brothers and sisters.

A new idea was also proposed, Citizenship for Everyone based on Equal Human Dignity: Rights, Duties, and the Need to be Treated Justly. It seems he meant the new page part quite literally, as from February 4th forward, a New Fraternity may have been found between these 2 Religions.”

{Back to Leeland speaking}  So, this is Unprecedented!  The Peace Deal is Multi-faceted!  It’s very important that the people understand the Players involved, and What they are Doing.  This is a Major Portion of the PEACE DEAL.  And, they’re Signing this Document of Human Fraternity for World Peace!

AND they are Establishing this Abraham House of Worship, this Center.  And there will be 3 Places of Worship: a Mosque; a Christian Church; and a Jewish Synagogue.  Here you can see them signing the Foundation Stone for, whichever one that is.  So, it’s very important that we don’t lose sight of the idea that the Peace Deal, and Donald Trump ‘Deal of the Century’ is also being administered by Pope Francis.

Here you can see the renderings of the 3 Buildings for this Initiative, called the Abrahamic Faiths Initative, the Abraham House of Worship.  Now, this should be able to give us more clarity when we see the UAE establishing ties with Israel, and why they call it the Abraham Accords.

Now, if you look at the Document, we also found Similarities in this Document to the 7 Noahide laws.  The 7 Noahide laws of the Jewish Sanhedrin that the Gentiles MUST agree too!  There are Similar aspects to that to this Human Fraternity for World Peace Document, so that these things are NOT separate, they are ALL ONE Cohesive Unit.

And that is what we can see when we get out of the ‘Daily News Cycle’ of all this information.  But when we take this information and put it together, we see a clear picture, a clear story of exactly what’s going on!   This is the Peace Deal!  This is One World Religion!   And this is Nations coming together in World Peace!

And this is Exactly what the Prophecies talk about as it relates to the End Times. Now remember they call this the Abrahamic House.   Now, there’s something called the Abrahamic Faiths Initiative.  What is that?

We’re here on the U.S. Embassy to the Holy See.  The U.S. Embassy website of the Embassy to the Vatican, and we have here the Abrahamic Faiths Initiative, and of course the Olive Branch ‘symbol’ that we showed you.

And a ‘Statement by Ambassador Gingrich’.  Now, this is none other than Newt Gingrich’s wife, her name is Callista Gingrich, and she is the Ambassador.  And you can see on January 16, 2020, and it was a few days, there was a couple of days of this {gathering.  Gingrich reports,}

“On January 14, I was honored to host the opening session of the Abrahamic Faiths Initiative (AFI) at my residence, facilitating discussions among faith leaders to advance peace and mutual respect around the world. This remarkable gathering of faith leaders.”

Now, you can see there are 3 people represented, and I want you to pay close attention to one of the names: Ambassador Brownback.  Now, Ambassador Brownback is a leader to Donald Trump’s International Religious Freedom Organization { June 2, 2020, Donald Trump’s  Executive Order # 13926 on Advancing International Religious Freedom}.

This is very significant, because you see him {Brownback} here with the Abrahamic Faiths Initative, we’re going to show you that later in the video.  But, what we have is Callista here, and she gives her speech, and it’s launching this Initiative.   Now, this is 2020, but this obviously is going on because this was part of what we saw in  Abu Dhabi.

So let’s remember Pope Francis gave Donald Trump an Olive Tree, as a Symbol of Peace!  And of course, we have the Abrahamic Faiths Initiative.  Now this should make sense as to WHY the ‘Peace Deal’, the Peace arrangement between the UAE and Israel, was called the Abraham Accord.

{Donald Trump speaking} “It appears that the problems of the Middle East can only be solved when people of all faiths come together to fight Islamic extremism, and pursue economic opportunity for people of all faiths.  And when you look what’s happening, you’re seeing a lot of progress is being made that nobody thought could possibly be made. And, things are happening that I can’t talk about, but they’re extremely positive.

I want to thank the leaders of Israel and the UAE for their courage, and for their leadership, to forge this tremendous Agreement.  It will be known as the Abraham Accord.  And I would like to ask our Ambassador David Friedman to please explain why we’re doing it, and calling it the Abraham Accord, David…”

{David Friedman speaking}  “Thank you Mr. President, and congratulations to you on brokering this ‘Historic’ Peace Agreement!

Abraham, as many of you know, was the father of all 3 great faiths. He’s referred to an Abraham in the Christian faith.  Ibrahim in the Muslim faith.  And Avraham in the Jewish faith. And, no person better Symbolizes the potential for unity among all these 3 great faiths, then Abraham, and that’s why this Accord has been given that name.”

{back to Leeland}  The Abraham Accords, hopefully it’s making sense by now that, the Abraham Accords, the Abrahamic Faiths Initiative is the SAME THING!

And, it’s also moving World Government to Jerusalem!  It was a connection with UAE and Israel. Capital of Israel is Jerusalem.

And, it’s important for people to understand that Donald Trump has other Global Initiatives.   One of which is the International Religious Freedom Law.

{17:53 min mark, News} “President Donald Trump signs an Executive Order to promote International Religious Freedom.

It comes just after he visited the Saint John Paul II National Shrine in Washington, D.C.   White House correspondent Owen Jensen brings us the background on both. Owen..”

{18:10 min mark, Owen Jensen} “Tracy, the President is bringing Faith to the forefront, that Executive Order he signed at the White House, is aimed at helping Advance Religious Freedom across the Globe!”

{Another News} “President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania visit Saint John Paul II National Shrine in Washington.  A quiet moment of reflection, under the bigger than life statue of one of the most popular Roman Catholic Popes of all time.  A shrine spokesman saying, ‘The visit was initially planned as the signing of an International Religious Freedom Executive Order, and had been scheduled some time ago.  The signing instead took place at the White House.

It calls for: at least 50 million dollars per year for programs that Advance International Religious Freedom; Expands economic tools to support our Allies on the issue; and more Religious Freedom Training for federal employees who work overseas.”

{back to Leeland 19:05 min mark}  So the U.S. State Department is NOW the Police of the International Religious Freedom!  And, it is headed up by an Ambassador, Sam Brownback.  We’ll look at him later, but he’s part of the Abraham Accords movement.

Remember Jerusalem!  As part of his trips, another trip that the Pope Francis did was to Morocco.  And when he went to Morocco, he brought the Jerusalem ‘Symbol of Peace’ to coexist in Jerusalem; the place for Christians, Jews, and Muslims, Jerusalem is the Common Patrimony of Humanity.

And so it was here that Pope Francis signed in Agreement with the king of Morocco, after his trip to Abu Dhabi, with great fanfare and extravagance, to sign this Document, Acknowledging Jerusalem as the Center of World RELIGION, the Center of World GOVERNANCE, that it would be IN Jerusalem!

Jerusalem would be the Pattern where you would have: Jews, Christians, and Muslims, this Abraham Accord, this 3 Religions coming together under One!

{20:23 min mark, News Report} “During the first day of the Pope’s visit to Morocco, the Morccan king and Pope Francis signed an unexpected but important statement on the special status of Jerusalem.  Both leaders urged respect for its spiritual significance and its special vocation as a city of Peace.  They asked that the Holy City of Jerusalem persurve the Common Patrimony of Humanity, and especially the followers of the 3 Monotheistic Religions.

The two assert the city is as a place of encounter, and as a symbol of peaceful coexistence, where mutual respect and dialogue can be cultivated.  Thus they say it is essential to protect and promote the spiritual dimension, and a particular cultural identity of Jerusalem.

Finally the Document included the desire for Full Freedom of access to the followers of the 3 Monotheistic Religions, and their right to worship will be guaranteed.  So, Jerusalem is home to a future of Peace, and Fraternity on Earth.”

{21:22 min mark, back to Leeland}  We also see the issue of Jerusalem on Donald Trump’s Deal of the Century.  Here you can see it, “The United States recognizes the heightened sensitivity surrounding Jerusalem, a city that means so much to so many.

Jerusalem is a city.”  And it talks about 3 Major Religions!  So this is also in Donald Trump’s Deal of the Century, again the idea of 3 Major Religions, the Abrahamic religion.

“Each day, the Jews pray at the Western Wall, Muslims bow in prayer at al-Aqsa Mosque and Christians worship at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.”  So, they’re explaining some of the sites.  And then they go onto explain the History of how the ‘Religious Aspects Of The Jerusalem Issue.’

It goes through the History of Judaism; for Christianity, what it means; and Islam.  But you can see {22:12 min mark}, this is page 15, if you’re interested, you can download it yourself, and read this. But you can see how Jerusalem, and Jerusalem Holy Sites, are part of the PLANS and Initiatives of Donald Trump’s Deal of the Century.

Now the Interfaith Movement and Jerusalem, also comes into play with the Sanhedrin and the 70 Nations Founding Conference, which took place on September 25- 27, 2019.

And in it, you can see, that in the Presentation for the 3rd Temple, “The recognition of Islam in the Jewish Temple & Jerusalem.  So there are also plans within the 3rd Temple, of what they’re saying here, for Islam to be represented.

So, the picture becomes clearer when we see all of these different Peace Deals, and Arrangements, and Human Fraternity for World Peace, we see Jerusalem, and we want to talk about the 7 Noahide laws.  So, Pope Francis, his ‘Humanity’ World Peace Initiative, has language that is very Similar to what we see in the 7 Noahide laws.

So the 7 Noahide laws come from the Sanhedrin, from the Court of the 70 Nations, and it is our brother SR Monette that found that the Language in Pope Francis, his Document on World Peace, MIRRORS that and has the SAME Language that we see in the 7 Noahide laws.   So in fact, these Documents, in these Declarations of World Peace, and these Laws are actually the SAME! {Links at the bottom of this blog}

Hopefully all these Peace Initiatives, and Declarations, and the usage of the word ‘Abraham’, and Peace, and Jerusalem, is ALL beginning to make Sense. This is a very telling article, “Abraham Faiths called to cooperate for peace. 24 Christian, Jewish, Muslim leaders gather in Rome.”  This is what we were talking about earlier with Sam Brownback.

“Samuel Brownback, U.S. Ambassador for Religious Freedom.” In the Religious Freedom Executive Order, we saw Trump issue an Executive Order, we have another video on that. {For more information, please watch ‘Antichrist Global Religious Law – Beast Worship’, link at the bottom of this blog}  But really what that Initiative is, is this Abrahamic Faiths Movement!  And they have this Funding to have people all over the World support this cause.

And basically what they are saying here, is through Religious Leaders and Diplomatic means, Peace can be brought to the Earth.  “If diplomats had consulted with religious leaders 40 years ago, many wars would be avoided”. So, that’s what they are saying here, that’s what this Initiative is.

And what it is, this Language, we know that they are looking to replace the United Nations with the 70 Nations.

So this Language is this ‘replacement’ of this NEW WORLD ORDER, really, for THIS Religious Order!   And so they are talking about the Meetings, and the Vatican, and how they met {25:50 min mark}, and the people involved; Pastor Roberts.

And, “He agreed that a valuable contribution could be that of Christians, Jews and Muslims working together on projects of social concern.

The group plans a future program with 3 focal points: 1) creating united Abrahamic faith teams of Jewish, Christian and Muslim organizations to work jointly on the ground regarding urgent and complex issues such as those concerning refugees and poverty; 2) strongly symbolic gestures as, for example, sending inter-religious delegations to places of historic religious significance.”

So these are some potential future locations! “(Ur in Iraq–Abrahams birthplace, or perhaps Mt. Nebo {that’s in Jordan} where Moses received the Ten Commandments) and 3) intervening as teams whenever and wherever religion is misused as an excuse for violence.”

Now, there’s 8 people with those 3 groups, so that gives you a total of 24!  “The 24 significant participating religious leaders included – to mention but a few.”  And then it goes into those in the different categories.  You have Everybody represented here!

The Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem Theophillus; the Archbishop of Armenia; Prof. Ingrid Matson – the past president of the Islamic Society of North America.  I mean, this is a Huge list of very prominent people. And, Rabbi Rosen is talking about all of this collaboration!  So, they’re very, very happy, very, very pleased!  ‘The American Jewish Committee.’

“A final Statement was promoted unanimously at the end of the Abrahamic Faiths retreat. It is based on ‘the principles stated in the preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.”  So the United Nations is also part of this.

So, this is What’s going on!  Hopefully, the Language and the Verbiage of the things that you’re seeing here, is beginning to make SENSE of how the International Nations are coming together: under Peace; under Jerusalem; under Abraham!  This is what the Scripture said, IN THE LAST DAYS!

Just as you saw 24 Involved in the Abrahamic Faith Initiative, there are 24 Seats in the SANHEDRIN!

So, the Sanhedrin is the Council of 70 Jewish Rabbis, and they’re over the 70 Nations.

And so hopefully this One World Religion, these Declarations of World Peace are clear, and apparent to the people.

So that you understand the Role that Pope Francis has!  He is just as much an advocate for this Peace Deal, as Donald Trump!

Each are Players, Actors in this Charade.   The Abraham Peace Deal, the UAE, Saudia Arabia, the Consortium of Arab Nations,

The Third Temple, The Peace Deal, and Jerusalem!  Hopefully, all these Details allow you to see the Initiative behind One World Religion?

The Abrahamic Faiths Initiative, to bring the Whole World under International Religious Freedom.   That’s where your tax dollars are going.  It is Beast Worship!  It is One World Religion!   And it is happening right before your face!  So it’s important that you educate yourself, and you understand these Details of what’s taken place in World Religion.

We will have links in the description field, and we have other video’s and more details on this {Links at the bottom of this blog}.  But we wanted to show you ALL of these Connections together in one the video to make it clear to the people!  So thanks for watching, and God bless you!

Human Fraternity and Song of Israel and the World {Noahide Laws comparrison}: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1D6KSILI8dYPjrNtSLXb-Tn-GPROW_808/view

Antichrist Global Religious Law – Beast Worship: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dgrkk2tzTvQ&t=0s

SR Monette video: Uh-Oh, The Sanhedrin, Pope and Grand Imam Are Now in Agreement. #55: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23qf9c_9k5I&t=0s

Link to Israeli Breaking News article: https://israel365news.com/333056/nations-invited-animal-sacrifice-mount-of-olives-renewing-noahs-covenant/

Link to Human Fraternity For World Peace document: https://press.vatican.va/content/salastampa/en/bollettino/pubblico/2019/02/04/190204f.html

Unrighteous Decree of World Peace – Pope & Sanhedrin: https://overcominglymedisease.com/unrighteous-decree-of-world-peace-pope-sanhedrin/

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Pope Francis Invites Political Leaders To Sign ‘Global Pact’ on May 14, 2020: https://www.dailywire.com/news/pope-francis-invites-political-leaders-sign-global-paul-bois?amp

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