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Enoch-Qumran Calender Explained ◇ House of David Pt3

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Enoch-Qumran Calender Explained ◇ House of David Pt3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVw2eaUFsHw&list=PLXqaGD7sX9gbm9JC2TtPCJY-40sp6Sbls&index=4

Leeland Jones website: https://leelandjones.com/

House of David Scroll: https://storage.googleapis.com/wzukusers/user-26016223/documents/e09ec2e91d06414597b7fcd4b8708874/HouseDavidScroll.pdf

Leeland Jones video posted on November 4, 2014, transcribed:

So here’s our video on the discussion of the Calendar.  We just finished our call, and I know that there is a lot of interest in this, and I wanted to again summarize some of the things that we talked about and go over it again. And there is some really deep stuff here, and I know a lot of it’s kind of deep and profound, and I understand that because we are dealing with some pretty Strong Forces here when we’re combating some things. So, let’s get into it!  Again, what we’re doing, we’re talking about the Calendar.

  • And what we’re doing, we are taking God’s Pattern and Instructions and His Order, and applying that to our life; to the Seasons and the Time that we live in.
  • It’s all designed to love our wonderful Heavenly Father, and to Worship Him.
  • But there are unfortunately, many other religious orders that are contrary to that.  So we will have to go through this here, and we’ll  begin to see what is off.

And we want to know that our God is a God of Order and Beauty, and Symmetry.  And so what I want to do, is I want for you to see that.  This is not about me, about my cerebral point of view and my axe to grind, and my view that I want to force upon you to believe what it is I’m saying, cause your wrong.

What I want you to do, is I want you to see through the things that I’m saying, I want you to see God! I want you to see the Father, not me. The Father is wonderful, and He is Orderly!  And when we see that, we say, “Yeah, that’s Him, I know, I know what you’re talking about!  I feel that!  I feel that what you’re saying is lining up!”

So many of the things I am going to do, I certainly could give you information, data and facts, but I’m also trying to draw them.  I’m trying to depict them in Mathematical Equations. Not to confuse you with figures, but to see that through Math, this is an Order. You know, God has done things in Order, and we want to understand His Order, His original and also the other things He has done in Time.

So one part of this that I’d like you to do, is go along with me, and you can see some of my struggles as I go about taking the Pattern again.   I want to just remind you that God gave me this as a Tool, and so what I must do is, I must understand this Pattern.

I have given you a Clock, I’ve shown you this as a Clock here.  You can see it as a Clock, but it’s also a Calendar.

So as it’s a Calendar, we’re going to stay consistent with this Pattern, and we’re going to be able to see that again, that God is in the Center!  So when we are looking at the Book of Revelation, we’re really looking at not just Beings and different things transpiring, where actually those Beings make up the components of Seats. So there’s Seats and Thrones, and a Clock and a Calendar.

  • So keep in mind that essentially what I’m saying, it that the Calendar is based on this Order and this Symmetry.

And if you remember, we have the Seasons.  {4:43 min mark}

  • So we have the 1st Season of the Year and there’s 3 corresponding Months to that Season of Spring {Months: 1 Nisan, 2 Zif, 3 Sivan}.
  • And the same with Summer {Months: 4, 5, 6}.  So it’s going around this clockwise.
  • This would be Fall 3 Months {Months: 7,8,9}.
  • Winter 3 Months {Months 10,11,12}.

And basically there’s a few Witnesses to testify to God’s Calendar, in His Timetable of Worship, one of them is the Mazzaroth Signs. So then we have within the Mazzaroth Signs, again:

  • within Spring you have the 2nd Month, which is the Sign of Taurus or the Ox.
  • In the 2nd Season, or the Summer Season, we have Leo the Lion.
  • And in the Fall in the 8th Month, the Sign is Scorpio, but that represents the Eagle.
  • And then in the Winter we have Aquarius as the 11th Month, and that lines up with the Man.

So when we’re looking at the Living Creatures: we have the Ox, we have the Eagle, we have the Lion, and the Man, each of the Faces of the Living Creatures. But we also have the 4 Spirits of the Heavens.

  • Now the 4 Spirits of the Heavens, again, are the Guys on the Horses.  And the Horses are: White, Red, Black, and Pale {or speckled/green}.
  • And those represent Seasons, and those Seasons are represented by specific Stars. So within those Constellations are Royal Stars.  And again, there’s Alderbaran: that’s the Eye of Taurus. Regulus is in Leo, Antares is in Scorpio, and Fomalhaut is in Aquarius. Those Stars mark Seasons.

And I’ll be able to explain to you, I’ll show you how this works with God’s covenant with Noah.  But remember, I’m coming to this Calendar and I’m coming at it from this as a reference point, so I must go by this.

So you might say, ‘Alright.  Well how is this a Calendar, Leeland?’  Well, obviously we have 12 Months, but within those 12 Months, if you multiply those 12 Months by 2, you have 24.  And then around the Throne you have 24 Elders.  Well those Elders we know through the House of David, represent Weeks. So what you do, is you multiply 24 by 2, and we come to 48 Weeks.

Well there’s 48 Weeks, great! Well, we’re missing some.  We know that that doesn’t make a full year. So what’s missing, is you’re missing 3 Feasts.  We’re missing the Full 3 Weeks that the Jews had to appear in Jerusalem, they make up 3 Weeks.

Then what we’re missing is 3 Days!  What are those 3 Days?  The other Jewish Feast Days, that’s again First Fruits and Unleavened Bread, overlap, they’re the same.  So basically, those Days accommodate for the rest of the Days within the year.

  • That Year is 360 Days.  Now you know that I have said that before, but within this piece, we’re going to talk about the importance of that, as I show you this Calendar.

So we know that currently there’s 365 Days, right?  Well, why is that?

  • Well, the reason is that within the 360 Day Calendar, that what is missing is the Sun.  And so what happened is, we’re going to get into this, the 1st Calendar was 360 Days.  But what happened is you must now account for the Seasons.
  • And those Seasons add Equinox and Solstices, so it adds 4 Days.

So God’s True Calendar is 364 Days!

And now what you have, is you have a full 52 Weeks, right?  And that is 364!  So that brings us to our 2 Calendars.  So now let’s look at the fact that BEFORE the Flood it was 360 Days, and AFTER the Flood is was 364 Days, God’s proper Calendar {360 + 4 Seasons = 364}.

Now I will be able to show you, but I just wanted to plant the seed that what happens is that the Living Creatures begin to delineate Time.  And that the 4 Spirits of the Heavens MARK these Seasons.

So again, this is the Tool, this is what we are starting on, and now we’ll begin to build the Calendar off of that. This is what I just said, was in the other video’s, I just wanted to mention it again.

So as you go about the Calendar, you say, “Well geez!  The Jews have a Lunar Calendar, let’s use that! That must be God’s Calendar, right? Why they’re God’s Chosen People, they’re using a Calendar!  We have a number of Lunar Events that seem to draw attention to that!  WOW,  you know, God is up to something?”

Well, let me show you something.  One of the things again, I am trying to do is try to visually depict Order and Symmetry.

So what I decided to do, I  can’t really explain this other than I felt that if a Month is 30 Days, I’m trying to say 360….let’s do this thing, and instead of having a Month look like a Week like we normally do, where it’s: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 7.

{10:40 min mark} I said, ‘Geez, if we can make this look like 30 Days and have 6 {Days } going across, and 5 down, Geez, we have 30 Days and we can just see!  So basically what this is, this is a Lunar Calendar.  And all I’m doing is, it’s just a Lunar Calendar.

  • Now, this is how the Jews Calendar works!  It’s also how the Chineses Calendar works.  So there are other Nations that us this.  And it’s a straight-up a Lunar Calendar.

So what am I saying?  You take the 1st Month, and you take the New Moon, and you’re just looking at what the New Moon is, and then the Quarterly Cycle, the Full Moon, and the other 3rd Quarter.  I forget what they are called, and they’re called other things.

But basically all I did is this, I took the Moons and I put them on the sheet. Now I was excited because I was like, ‘Okay cool!  All the Patterns of the Moon appear in different rows. So when you do this as 6 Days, they never appear with 2 Lunar Cycles within the same row.

  • But you’ll also notice that in a Lunar calendar, the Days are not 30 Days within the Lunar Calendar, its 29 and a 1/2.

So what happens is you are now forced to say, ‘Alright, well this cycle is 29, so you can see this box is missing {where 30 belongs}. So this is a 29 Day, Month.  And then the next one is also 29 Days.  And then the next one is also, so the next one is 30.  And the next one is 30, and the next one is 29.

  • So what happens is that it alternated between 29 and 30 Days.
  • And what happens at the End of the Year, is you end up with 354 Days.
  • So in order to account for the missing Days, the Jews are following this Lunar Calendar, they said, “Okay well, let’s kind of accrue these Days, and then after a Year or 2, when they accrue enough, we’ll add another Month.”
  • So what happens is the Final Month, the 12th Month you add up those extra Days, those 10 Days.
  • So let’s say you’re adding up, just simple math: 10 Days and it takes a couple of Years, and then you have a Bang!  You have instead of a 12th Month, it’s a 13th Month!

But I had some problems with that, because I am like, “Geez, if there are Seats & Thrones, well, who is sitting on the 13th?  And the number 13, is the number of Rebellion!”  So I am like, “This isn’t good!  I am not comfortable with this, this is not the type of Order & Symmetry that correlates to God’s Throne.”  So I said, “Geez, that’s just isn’t good!”

Now let me show you something else. This is what really got me!  Now when you do this, you’ll notice that this is the 1st Month, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th {Month}.  But when you go from one Month to another, you can see they are on the Same Row, but there is no Order or Symmetry, they are completely different.

{14:47 min mark} And so you might have a couple that line up, but after Month 3, you just have different Order. Now, you might say, “Oh, they’re lining up close here.” But this is 1 of 3.

So, I was doing this, and ladies, No, no offense.  But guys, you know what I’m talking about.  I was looking at this and I said, “This is every woman I’ve ever dated!”  As soon as I thought, “Okay, I can expect this! This is what emotionally she is going to be like this month,” the next month it’s totally different!   And then the following, it’s totally different!  We are constantly groping in the darkness, trying to figure out what’s going to happen next!  And you know what?   We’re always wrong!

Now there is a reason for that.  Because, ladies this is your Monthly Cycle, right here.  So if you perfectly line up a Lunar Calendar, you could figure out your Monthly Cycle to the Day!

But this is not the way you were designed!  It used to be in Order, and I will show you, we’ll go into that Pre-Flood of how that used to happen.  But, I’m like, “I’m doing this”, I’m going through this process, and I am like, “I cannot figure this out!”  And it reminded me of the something else:)

So, that’s what I wanted you to get out of this little exercise, that “Oh my goodness, you can not pinpoint anything, this thing jumps around everywhere!  So I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time on that, I just wanted to show you the struggles I had in going through this.

So now let me show you something about explaining more of that.  So you say,  “Okay, alright, fine Leeland, there’s something happening, you are telling me there is a Calendar of 360 Days, show it to me.”

Alright, so what we have to do is we have to go to Genesis, and I’ll explain to you, if you want to research this stuff, I encourage you to do so.  But what you will find, what I am about to describe, there’s a lot of confusion, and there’s a lot of different ideas.

So in Genesis 7:11 it says, ‘In the six hundredth year of Noah’s life, in the second month, in the seventeenth day of the month, in the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were open.’ So here we have 2nd Month and the 17th Day.

Now let’s go to Genesis 8:3  ‘And the waters were returned from off the earth and continually: after the end of the one hundred and fifty days were the waters abated. And the ark rested in the seventh month, on the seventeenth day of the month, upon the mountains of Ararat.’

  • So what do we have?  We have 5 Months: we have the 2nd Month on the 17th Day to the 7th Month of the 17th Day.  So we have exactly 5 Months!
  • And how many Days? 150 Days!  So every Month is 30 Days.  So you have 5 Months, you have a 5 Month Cycle: 30 Days, 30 Days, 30 Days, 30 Days, 30 Days, equal.

Alright, now if you try a Lunar Calendar, you can’t do that!  It’s 29 and a 1/2.  And I just showed you how it’s missing.  And you break it up: one is 29, one is 30.  So if you take 5 Months, you can’t do that!  It doesn’t line up!  The Lunar Calendar, as we know it today, it doesn’t work there!

Now the Calendar I’m talking about is Enoch’s Calendar, and also in the Dead Sea Scrolls in Qumran, which is 364.  That Calendar doesn’t work here either. Because within those 5 Months, they are 30 Days equal.  The Enoch Calendar or the Qumran Calendar would have:  30, 30, 31!

Now, why do you have 31 {Days}?  Because you include a Day, you’re adding a Day in every 3 Months Cycle, because of the Sun!

  • So what I’m getting at here, is that BEFORE the Flood, the Earth was NOT at a 23.5 or 23.4 degree angle! It was at a straight Axis.
  • So what happened is, when the Sun is hitting the Earth, the Days are Equal and there’s 12 Hour Days throughout the Earth!  And, there’s NO Seasons!

So there’s NO Seasons!  It’s basically as we know it now, the Spring Equinox or the Vernal Equinox, and the Autumnal Equinox, it’s the same: 12 Hours.  The Earth is not tilted, so you have 30 Days.

Now the other thing that happened, is the Moon Lunar Calendar and Cycle, was exactly 30 Days.  So you could take that Calendar, I just did a Lunar Calendar, you could do it then, it would be 30 Days. You could say New Moon on the 1st of the Month.  In fact, if you look at the Book of Jubilees, and you get the Book, get it on Kindle, search: NEW MOON, you’ll find out that within Noah, they describe the 1st of the Month as the NEW MOON!

  • So here you have NEW MOON on the 1st of the Month, and you have 30 Days. That doesn’t work now.
  • The Enoch Calendar doesn’t work, and the Lunar Calendar, they don’t work.

Why?  Something happened.  So now the thing that happened isn’t just, ‘Okay, God ….”, it’s a Covenant!  So we want to understand God’s Ways, and His Covenants, and His Contracts.

  • Many of them are obviously with Mankind, with Noah.
  • But they’re also with the Animals.
  • They’re also with Angelic Beings!

And so that’s what we are going to look at.

So we have the Calendar, now in it you can see how the Pattern that we have here for 360 Days. It Absolutely works!  Now this would be Pre-Flood, so what we have to do, we have to accommodate for the shift.

So now let’s look at the Contract and what God said about adding the Seasons, and His Covenant with Noah.

And let me also say this, Ladies, so Before the Flood you were in perfect alignment with your menstrual cycle, and the month.  You would know whatever day of the month, it would be exactly the same. And again, you emotionally would be tied, you’d be connected.

  • Your womb was tied and connected to God in the Throne, and you were in Perfect Order, that’s one.
  • Another reason why the Sons of the Daughters of Men were so attracted to the Angels, the Order and the Symmetry of their womb in relation to the Earth, it was all in perfect Order and Symmetry.

So I am just praying, “And I break the pull of the Moon on your womb, and false cycles, and emotionalism, I break that off you, in Jesus name, that you will be free!  Woman, you are loosed, in the name of Jesus!”

And the Revelation of what I am saying, you will now be able to be not tied and pulled emotionally with the tides of the Earth and the Moon, but you will be moved by the Gravitational pull of our Heavenly Father and His Throne!  Praise God!

Let me say this to, this is exciting, now we also are instructed for various Festivals and Trumpet Blowing. And so in the New Moon we are to Blow the Trumpet!  But what we’re doing is, we are Rehearsing for the Time when the Lord Jesus Christ comes and sits as KING of Kings and LORD of Lords, in Jerusalem.

  • God is going to restore the Lunar Cycle back to 30 Days. The Seasons will stay the same, but he is going to restore that.  And so Ladies, you will again be back, and restored, right on time with your Cycles and the monthly Calendar.

So our Calendar will change, where we can be on a Lunar Calendar, which will then line up with the Calendar that we are going to go over today.  That’s why we Rehearse the New Moon.

So in Genesis 8:22 the last verse, it says, ‘While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.’ So God is saying, ‘You guys now have Seasons.’ But now let’s look at why He did this.  He does all things for a Reason.

So we looked at the Blessing and all that stuff.  Now let me just say this as well, that when we’re looking at what God says here, about the Blood, ‘Surely your blood of your lives will I require.’  And that’s why I keep kind of emphasizing the Woman here.

So what happens is Monthly, the woman has the womb, and what does it do?  It requires Blood!  So that’s part of what God’s Covenant with Noah is here.  And so that’s an actual Cycle, and it’s the Cycle of the Moon, ‘To be fruitful, and to multiply.’

So you know God is using Noah’s name, but in it is, you know Noah and his sons, but it’s also ALL of Creation is connected to this!  Now watch this, Genesis 9:9 ‘I will establish my covenant with you and your seed after you. 10 And with every living creature.’ Now, when you look at Genesis, and you pay close attention, you can see here that God uses, in the English, we don’t really think of it, we think of just generic terms, but in the Hebrew, you would know that there are actual classifications of Animals here.

For example, in Genesis 9:2 you have, ‘every beast of the earth, the fowl of the air, that moves upon the earth, upon the fishes of the sea;’ that were delivered.  So here you have Fish, so He’ll mention Fish and Creeping Things and different things.  Now in the Hebrew, you would see the word, and you would know that classification, they’re dealing with a classification of Animals. But God is specific in His covenant.

Now watch this, Genesis 9:10 ‘With every living creature upon.’  But He gives you some classes of every Living Creature!  The 1st one is the Fowl of the air.  The 2nd one is the Cattle, or in Hebrew: behemah!  ‘And of every beast of the earth; you shall go out from, every beast on the earth.’

So what’s happening here, is the Classifications of Animals is very important.  So you have the Fowl of the air.  You have the Covenant with Noah and his sons, right?  You also have the Cattle and the Beast. So God’s covenant here is with the Creation on the Earth, but He’s also establishing an Order of the Living Creatures.

So here you have Man, you have Eagle the Fowl, you have Cattle which is the Ox.  And every Beast, you have the Lion. So what He is also doing around His Throne, He’s also establishing Living Creatures to emphasize this Covenant.

Now the other thing these Living Creatures do, again, they also are positionally around the Earth, but now they are giving you Seasons. Remember God said in Genesis 8:22, ‘Cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night shall not cease.’  So they are within Seasons.

  • Now who ‘marks’ those Seasons is the Stars, the ROYAL STAR within the Season.

So for example, we have Alderbaran, Regulus, Antares, and Fomalhaut.  Now those Stars, at their point ‘mark’ the Summer Solstice, Winter Solstice, and Equinox’s.

So what’s happening is within the Stars, God’s covenant is with the Living Creatures, and the Living Creatures are positionally also showing you about these Seasons.

Now, there’s a lot of things without Science that are just unexplainable. For example, when you go to the North Pole, and they’ve dug up Plant life, they’re finding Tropical plants. How do you explain that?  How do you explain when they go in Russia and they dig up a wooly mammoth, and it’s been under ice for thousands of years and the flesh is still there, but they go in its stomach and they pull out Tropical plants?

Well, this is what I am trying to tell you, is that the Whole Earth was a Rain Forest, a Tropical thing!

  • So you have the Firmament, and you have the fact that the Axis was Straight.
  • So you had Sunlight, you did not have the Cold Poles.
  • And you did not have the Seasons.

That’s very important for us to understand as we look at God’s Calendar, because His first Order was to have 360 Days, and New Moons marking the 1st of each Month!  I know that’s a lot, but I had to do all that to get into the Calendar.

  • Now, so I showed you the Moon, the Lunar Calendar does not work!
  • I have also shown you that Pre-Flood, the Enoch 364 Calendar does not work!

So, what do we do?  Now we can see God’s Covenant and Contract with the Living Creatures is for Seasons, now we need 4 Days. So how does this look?

{29:45 min mark} Well this is how the Calendar looks.  And what I am going to be able to show you, is some Order and some Symmetry.  And I believe you will be very comfortable with this.

So when we’re looking at a Season, remember that a Season is ‘marked’ by 3 Months.  So what we’re doing, is we’re looking, so the White {Horse/Spirit} rules over the 3, and they all should form a Structure.

(30:13 min mark) So that’s what I’m doing here.  I’m doing the same thing that I did with the Lunar Calendar, where I’m going in rows of 6 {across}, and rows of 5 {down}.   So now what we have is, we have a Pattern.

So this is the 1st Month, this is the 2nd Month, and now you can see it’s equal, it’s 30 Days. So now you’ve got 30 Days, you have 30 Days, and 31 Days {link to the Enoch Calendar at the bottom of this blog}. So it’s 30 Days and you’re adding 1 {Day = 31 Days}, so this whole Pattern and Structure of the Season is identical to the next Season {30 Days, 30 Days, 31 Days}.

So watch this (30:49 min mark): So how this works, and basically I’m going off the instructions of the Qumran Scroll & Calendar, and what they do is basically say, ‘On the 4th Day is the Sabbath.’  So what I did here {31:06 min mark, is make it go at an angle, and not a straight line down like in the Gregorian calendar}.  And I will show you why that’s significant in a minute.

And so when you do that, the 3 Months look exactly the same, over and over.  And you can just see the Order and Symmetry.  So that’s Spring/Summer {on one sheet}, and Fall and Winter also look the same {another sheet}.  SPRING/SUMMER, you can see, Sabbath, Order, Symmetry.

So, let me show you what I have so far (31:16 min mark) is basically we have Blue is Passover, and then we have Unleavened Bread, and this is First Fruits {1st Month}.  And then we’re counting, and then we have Pentecost or Shavout {in the 3rd Month}.

Now what I’m doing, is I’m making the Solar Activities as the 31st Day of the 3rd in the Cycle {: 30 Days, 30 Days, 31 Days}. So now as you’re looking at this, and as you’re going through to calculate things, you can just see Great Order & Symmetry. And obviously, the Fall and the Winter would be the same.

The main Marker’s again, that we have in the Fall, this would be the 7th Month, this would be what we call Tishri.

  • First would be, the Feast of Trumpets, {1st Day of the 7th Month}.
  • Day of Atonement {10th Day of the 7th Month}.
  • And this would be Tabernacles {15th Day of the 7th Month}!
  • So Tabernacles {the Pattern} looks exactly the same as Unleavened Bread.

Now let me show you something else, now if you watch the other video about the Sabbath, you would know one of the things I was mentioning, was that the #40 satisfies the Sabbath.  And this Calendar actually shows you that.

(33:39 min mark)  So as I was drawing this, I began to see, my eyes were drawn to the Pattern that drawing this, I began to see, my eyes were just drawn to the Pattern, {33:49 min mark} it’s actually forming a Cross!  So it’s like there are Crosses now, and you can count them.

And so as you count the Crosses, you’ll see that there’s also just straight Order here.  So there’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10!  And this is just one Pattern, so then you just multiply that by 4 in a year, you have 40 Crosses.  Remember I said, 40 is the Number that satisfies the Sabbath?

  • So here you are counting the Sabbath’s, and the Sabbath’s form Crosses, and you have 40 Crosses.  Isn’t that amazing?  So this is what I’m saying when you are doing this stuff, it’s beyond just Human understanding! It has to be SUPERNATURAL, and I believe that there will be other things that show on God’s Calendar, just great Beauty and Order.

In terms with how you come to the 1st Day in the Qumran or Calendar, this day {31st Day of the 12 Month/Adar}, would be the Last Day of the Year, which would then tell you the 1st Day of the Next Year.

Now the way that Enoch describes that, is that it would be a Day of equal Sunlight and equal Darkness. So it would be 12 hours of Sunlight, and 12 hours of Darkness. Now we know that’s what the whole Earth was. So that would make sense that that would ‘mark’ the Beginning Cycle of a Year.

But, it’s not as simple as you might think.   And everything I am saying, you can search and you’ll find all kinds of stuff.  But basically the Vernal Equinox of March 20th, is not accurate!  Unfortunately, the Pope did stuff Centuries ago, that instituted again this Order here. So we’re working on to figure out when that is, and that’ll tell us the rest of the Cycle.

Now the other thing about the Qumran Calendar it was based on the importance of the Priestly Courses.  Now we know in the House of David, that’s very important! And so what they actually give you:

  • they give you a Calendar of 364 Days over 6 Years,
  • and they give you every Priestly Course and Week. I mean, it’s amazing!

And there are no additional Leap Years & Leap Weeks, none of that. I don’t really understand that either, but that’s what they did, and they did it for 6 Years.  That shouldn’t work!  But it did!  So, that’s amazing.   So, what am I saying about the Calendar?

  • What I’m saying is the Moon is connected Spiritually to the Woman.

However, you can’t do a Lunar Calendar, because that’s what you’re going to Revolve around, someone else other than God. Because you are going to have a 13th Seat, and who is sitting in that? That’s not a good number!  #13 is Not a good number!   So the Lunar Calendar we can not go by.

  • Now Praise God, the Woman will be Redeemed and the Calendar will be Redeemed in the Millennium,  when the Lord Jesus comes!  Praise God for that!
  • And Praise God, Ladies, your womb and your emotional ties to the Moon, and emotional instability, can be set Free!  Praise God, through the Calendar and the information I’m telling you.

But the problem is, is that unfortunately the Jewish Calendar is still revolving around the Wrong Source!

They’re doing their best, but it’s, you know, you might think it’s human understanding, “Oh, will do it this way!” But really, it’s not.  And the Gregorian Calendar is not a Solar Calendar. These are all based upon:

  • to get you to Sacrifice,
  • to get you to Trade,
  • to get you to Buy and Sell,
  • to get your Heart to be moved into the different Seasons of False Timetables, of False Periods: of Christmas and Easter and all these other pagan cycles.

Look at our Western culture, it is inundated with these things.  None of them have to do anything with Jesus!  The Church tries, but it’s a lost cause. But let me tell you something, when or if you take this to your church and say, ‘Hey, we should follow God!’ You’re going to get push back, because there is a Religious Leaders connected to these Cycles.

And what they’re gonna have to do is, admit that what they’re doing is wrong, and many of them will NOT do that!  Just like in Jesus’s Day!  And so that is unfortunate.  But Praise God, I believe that God’s people will become aligned to God’s Throne and Pattern!

And so again, that’s what I want to emphasize, that His Throne:

  • we have the Living Creatures,
  • we have the 4 Spirits of the Heavens,
  • we have the 24 Elders,
  • we have the 7 Spirits of God; they represent a Week and the Sabbath’s Week Cycles, the 4 that went over before.

And so His whole Throne is a Calendar.  And His whole Throne is a Timetable of how to Worship Him, and have Him in the Center.  So this is all about having God in the Center!  All about His Order.

  • All about how we can just make sure that we are Revolving Around HIM!

And not trying to get Him to Revolve around what we’re doing.  And that is exactly what these other Calendars do!

Now, let me say this, I mentioned this tonight as well, and this is what people will say once these things start coming out.  And that is in Colossians 2:16,  it says apostle Paul says, ‘Let no man judge you by Sabbaths, and New Moons, and these cycles and feasts.’ And so I’m not going to Judge you. I’m going to give you the information, you decide for yourself. Okay?

You decide for yourself.  I am not going to judge you!   I’n not going to condemn you acceptance or not of this information.  I want to give it to you and you decide.  You decide on what you’re going to do with the Holiday’s and that other stuff.

So that’s another thing I want to explain, I want to give you this as something to Love God!  Not to constrain you into anything, okay?  Certainly I know that you know that, but I am also putting this on YouTube, and I’m putting it in Public! And you know, someone may not know me from Adam!  “Who’s this guy with dreadlocks?  Who do you think he is with the stuff he is saying?”

And that’s fine, I understand.  I’m learning, and we’re All learning!  And I’m mentioning many deep and profound things you many not have heard of before. So this is also about the Cycle.  So for example, when we have the Blood Moons, the Blood Moons affect those that have the Calendar surrounding the Moon!  So what does the Blood Moon mean?

  • Well, think about it, we know the Moon is a She, it’s a Woman, and now it’s Blood.

So what is happening?  Well, what I believe is, I believe that God is applying the Blood of Jesus to His Chosen Nation, Israel, and restoring Her and restoring the Woman. And so I believe He is doing things, unfortunately, usually when these happen there are Wars!  But, what is He?

  • He’s remembering His covenant with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
  • And, He’s applying His Blood, the Blood of His Son to that Nation.

And what’s going to happen?

  • They’re going to get more Land!
  • They’re going to be Blessed!
  • And He is going to restore them as a Nation!

Then what happens?  Well, this false pagan Calendar is of the Sun, so then all the Gentile Nations that are tied with Western culture, when we have Solar Eclipse’s, the Places around the Earth that can view them, they’re also connected as Gentiles to what God is doing with the Gentiles.

And unfortunately, if you look at Jonathan Cahn and look at the United States, we’re not in a real good Place!  So we need to be Praying and Interceding on behalf of our Nation! So that’s what I wanted you to see.

Look, America is not a Christian Nation!  Obama said it himself, alright!  But we really aren’t! Many of the things that we’ve been doing for Centuries, God has poured out His Spirit to Bless us, but we have been in Pagan Idolatry from Inception!  What’s happening, it’s just getting worse!  The strength of feeding the enemies camp with these False things, is just getting worse.

So, Thank you for your patience. I know these are long, and again this is just PART 1.  Hopefully, I’ll actually get to PART 2, when I’ll be able to give you a Calendar of the Actual Days. Okay, love you, and I just wanted to summarize tonight.  Bless you, and I’ll talk to you soon.

Mechanism of The Seasons: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLRA87TKXLM&t=0s

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